Source Code


We are providing the source code for the dual-n-back application. It is licensed under a GPL license. Click here to download the code. Feel free to build applications based on this source. If you do build a site that uses this software, make sure to follow the terms laid out in the GPL and (optionally) send us an email. We would love to hear about people making dual-n-back training applications!

Download Source

Development Tools

To view and build the source code, you'll need a copy of visual studio which can be downloaded here, and you'll also need the Silverlight tools. Unfortunately, at this time, Windows is the only viable platform for building Silverlight applications (though that might change in the future).



Would you like an alternative licensing arrangement for dual-n-back training, or would you like to use dual-n-back training in a proprietary application? Contact us to work out an arrangement.


Our company provides consulting services, and we would be happy to consult in areas related to dual-n-back. If the open source release of the dual-n-back application does not meet your needs, please let us know. We can come to an arrangement where we can roll new features into the GPL (or even proprietary) releases. Or we'd also be willing to provide consulting for businesses interested in integrating dual-n-back use into their organizations.